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Bulk Order Walnut and Poplar Heart Ring Box

Bulk Order Walnut and Poplar Heart Ring Box

Want to add a little fling to your big day or as an interesting gift? These ring boxes are made from Walnut and Poplar wood. This ring box is a perfect way to spruce up any ordinary box. These are finished with a mixture of 100% beeswax and mineral oil. The foam placemant piece is removeable. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for oreder shipment.

***Disclaimer*** Wood Grain may vary from what is pictured. RING IS NOT INCLUDED :)

Bulk Orders are 25% off!! 

The Math: 45x0.25=11.25   45-11.25=33.55  33.55x100=$3,355


    Returns/Refunds are only accepted if the item is damaged upon recieving.  We take the time to send pictures and contact thoughout the build and shipping process to ensure that the item is pristine prior to shipping. 

    Cancellation request are permitted as long as they are requested within 24 hours.  We handmake all of our items and try to start them as soon as we can to ensure shipping times.



    We give orders between 2 to 3 weeks before shipping due to our items being made per order.  We do our best to ship before that.  We also like to stay in contact throughout our build process and shipping.

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